Blinds vs. Shades vs. Shutters

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As you enter 2024, update your habits, and engage in your health, you should consider refreshing your home. You can add new paint colors to your walls and ceilings, get new furniture you've always wanted, and choose window treatments to fit your updated style. But which window treatments are the best?

At Premier Blinds and Designs, we know how blinds, shades, and shutters can fit into different homes near Peachtree City, Georgia, and we want to share the knowledge with you.

Blinds Near Peachtree City, Georgia

The Primary advantage of blinds is their recognizability. You know they're blinds, whether looking at them inside your home or seeing them through the windows. Even though they're recognizable, there are some modern changes you can make to help them stand out in your home. For example, getting wood blinds can help introduce warm, earthy tones into a living room, while choosing metal blinds can protect your window treatments from children, pets, and moisture, making them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Even though they have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages. One such disadvantage is their inability to completely block light and air, which could be better for insulating your home or letting you rest during the day. That's where other window treatments are a better option.

Shades Near Peachtree City, Georgia

Where shades fail to block the light and insulate your home thoroughly, shades excel. For the best light, sound, and temperature control, consider Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades with LightLock™. Their honeycomb design reduces the air that transfers between your home and the outdoors, while blackout options with LightLock™ ensure sunlight doesn't leak through the sides of the shade.

Other benefits of shades include their many styles, fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns. These options give you excellent control over how your new window treatments look, feel, and fit into your home. The only drawbacks of these window treatments are that they're harder to clean and don't have the rigid stability of blinds or shutters.

Shutters Near Peachtree City, Georgia

Interior shutters are an excellent, sophisticated, and classy window treatment for luxurious homes. These treatments go inside your windows and provide some insulation, light control, and design options. Still, the most significant advantage of these windows is their unparalleled style.

While they don't control light or insulate as well as shades, they are stronger and more durable than blinds, giving you a combination of durability and versatility your home might need. They balance the functionality of shades with the versatility of blinds while adding elegance and class to your windows.

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