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When you’re busy, it’s easy to let the little things slip. Often that means you don’t adjust your window treatments as often as you should. Windows left uncovered allow the house to get too warm or too cool, making HVAC units work harder than they should. Windows left covered all the time for the sake of privacy deprive you of much-needed sunlight, which is essential for energy and mood modulation. However, sometimes there just isn’t time to go around and adjust all the window coverings in your home multiple times a day, especially in homes with a lot of windows.

If that sounds like you, our team at Premier Blinds & Designs have a product that can help you experience the full benefits of your window coverings without all of the dreaded hassles.

PowerView® Automation

Adjust with the Push of a Button

With the Pebble® Remote, you can control your PowerView® window treatments with the simplicity of a button. The Pebble® Remote is also attractive enough to hang on the wall for easy access.

Adjust with App Control

With the PowerView® App, you have complete control over every window treatment in your home. Open, close, or tilt them right from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the house.

Adjust on Schedule

The most time-saving feature of PowerView® Automation is your ability to schedule your window treatment adjustments ahead of time. With the PowerView® App, you can set up an automation to open your window coverings when you get up and close them when you get to bed or close them when you leave for work and open them when you get home. You can even set your schedule according to the sunrise and sunset.

Adjust from Anywhere

Did you make it to the office and realize you left your window shades up? With the Remote Connect feature on PowerView® , you can adjust your window treatments no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Adjust with Voice Commands

PowerView® Automation integrates with a wide range of popular smart home systems, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. Simply connect your PowerView® window treatments and you’ll be able to control them with a voice command. This is especially helpful when you remember to adjust your window coverings right as you’re running out the door.

Adjust Any Type of Window Treatment

One of the best features of PowerView® Automation is its compatibility with a wide variety of window treatments, meaning you never have to choose between the style you want and the functionality you crave. PowerView® is available on blinds, roller shades, roman shades, window sheers, window shadings, gliding panels, and drapery. It’s even available on shutters, unlike most other motorization systems on the market; add PowerView® to your Palm Beach Polysatin™  Vinyl Shutters , and enjoy an innovative motor that allows you to also adjust the louvers manually without damage.


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