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Windows are more than just functional features of your home. They can also add style, personality, and charm to any room. Sometimes people have difficulty choosing custom window treatments to accent their windows without compromising their privacy or finding the best functionality upgrades for their space.

That’s why our team at Premier Blinds and Designs is here to offer three of our favorite tips for homeowners choosing custom window treatments. With Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and shutters, you can enhance even your most hard-to-fit windows like arched windows with gorgeous window coverings that contain all of the performance upgrades without sacrificing style.

Tip 1: Consider The Shape and Size Of Your Windows

Not all windows are created equal. Some have unique shapes that require special attention, such as arched or bay windows. Others have standard sizes that can be easily fitted with ready-made curtains or blinds. If you have irregular windows in shape or size, opt for custom window treatments tailored to fit them perfectly.

For example, if you have arched windows, choose arched window coverings that follow the curve of the window and highlight its architectural beauty. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of arched window coverings, such as cellular shades, wood blinds, and shutters. These window treatments can also help you control the amount of light and privacy you want in your room, no matter what size or unique shape your windows may be.

Tip 2: Match the Style And Color Of Your Custom Window Treatments To Your Room Theme

Another tip for accenting your windows is to match the style and color of your window treatments to the theme of your room. If you have a modern, rustic, or eclectic style of a room, you can find custom window treatments that will complement your space and create a balanced look. You can also use window treatments to add a pop of color or contrast to your room, depending on the mood you want to create.

If you have a modern room with neutral colors and sleek furniture, choose neutral-toned window treatments that are simple and elegant, such as roller shades, solar shades, or sheer curtains. These window treatments can also help you filter out harsh sunlight and glare without blocking your view.

If you have a space that is more traditional, choose Roman shades in rich fabrics to add weight and style to your window. Shutters are also a great choice for styles from rustic to modern farmhouse—they can be customized to match your trim and moldings and add a distinctive architectural element to give your space a more stately feel.

For eclectic spaces, choose an innovative shading solution like Hunter Douglas woven shades. Made from natural materials and refined weaves, these shades add unique texture to your design and come in a variety of colors, from soothing neutrals to pops of color. Sheer shades are also an innovative idea for those who want to enjoy their view and have the option for privacy, combining sheer fabric panels with opaque vanes.

 Tip 3: Experiment With Different Layers and Textures Of Window Treatments

A third tip for accenting your windows is to experiment with different layers and textures of window treatments. Layering window treatments can help you create depth, dimension, and interest in your room. It can also help you achieve different levels of light control, insulation, and privacy.

You can mix and match different types of window treatments, such as curtains, valances, shades, and blinds, to create a layered look that suits your taste and needs.

For those that want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, layer curtains over shades or blinds. Curtains can add warmth, softness, and color to your room, while shades or blinds can provide more functionality and protection from the elements. You can also play with different textures of window treatments, such as:

  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Linen
  • Bamboo

 What’s Next?

Accenting your windows can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home. Following these three tips for choosing custom window treatments will transform your windows into focal points that reflect your style and personality.

If you need more help or inspiration for accenting your windows, contact us at Premier Blinds & Designs. We’re a locally owned and operated company that specializes in custom window treatments in Peachtree City, GA.

We serve Peachtree City and the surrounding areas, including:

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We offer free in-home consultations and professional installation services for all our products. Contact us today to choose the perfect window treatments for your home and take advantage of our 10% discount for military veterans and first responders.

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