Motorization Solves Tricky Window Problems near Sharpsburg, GA

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Sometimes you buy a home because of its light and airy feel, only to realize that all those high windows you loved are actually a problem. The morning light streams in beautifully through the skylight, but by midday, it shines directly in your eyes when you’re working in your home office. The afternoon sun has you baking and you wind up lowering the air conditioner (and raising your electric bills). You don’t want to lose the light that made you fall in love with your home, but your relationship with the light just isn’t working for you. What can you do?

Enter Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation from our team at Premier Blinds and Designs. Can’t reach the problem windows? Now there’s an app for that. Don’t want your light blocked all the time? Open and close them at the touch of a button. If your windows are in tricky locations that feel too much trouble to deal with, we can help you automate them and schedule your window coverings to open and close at the right time of day so you don’t even have to think about it.

What PowerView® Automation Can Do For You

PowerView® Automation is available in its third generation for many Hunter Douglas window treatments, including blinds, shades, sheers, and even drapery. Control the light with the Pebble® Remote, the PowerView® App, or even your voice commands when partnered with your smart home device! Powered by Bluetooth technology, PowerView® integrates with your favorite home assistant, including Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Schedule your window coverings to open and close when it suits you, and even adjust them from anywhere in the world with the Remote Connect™ Feature.

If your window is hard to reach, there’s a PowerView® power solution ideal for you. Never worry about charging your smart blinds. The DC power supply option can control up to 16 window shades at once, and its recess-mounted appearance won’t take away from the look of your home.

If you aren’t wild about putting a hole in your wall, even for ease of use, the Satellite Battery Wand is the choice for you. Featuring a battery that lasts up to 3 years, the Satellite Battery Wand is a great option for awkward and hard-to-reach windows. An add-on Satellite Battery Pack might be right to extend the battery life of your motorized window coverings, as well.

With motorization, high windows that are hard to reach can be adjusted with a remote or with the app on your phone. Skylights with the Skylift System™ from Hunter Douglas can be enabled with PowerView® Automation to make your house more energy efficient and comfortable. That upper window in your bathroom (which was great for light until your neighbor built a taller house) can be easily opened and closed; now you can get privacy when you need it and light when you want it.

PowerView® Automation is great for other areas where traditional touch or pull closures are inconvenient, such as windows blocked by bulky furniture. Houses with lots of windows can be time-consuming to adjust manually, but with automation you can spend that time better elsewhere. The use cases for automating your windows are endless, and the best part is you don’t even need an excuse. The pleasure of having your home at the right lighting and temperature for you is excuse enough.

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